Diapason Consulting


Technology for good

Since our ancestors learned how to make tools and control fire, technology has shaped the evolution of our species and our civilizations.
This has allowed us to explore our environment, deep or far, but also to damage it unrepairably.
It allowed us to reach a deep understanding of the very nature of matter and of our universe, but also to use this knowledge for destruction.
It gave us the means to eradicate deadly disease and to repair broken bodies, yet these same progress inadvertently built up strenght in other pathogens.
It gave us all the ability to access immense knowledge at our fingertips and to communicate with each other regardless of frontiers, yet it can be abused to achieve the opposite of progress.

Responsible and ethical technology

Whether it takes the form of a medical device, an app, a web service, an algorithm, a wearable accessory or any combination of these, wether it is regulated or not, we pledged to use the power of technology to influence progress in agreement with our values, and to help entrepreneurs achieve the same. Whilst not often addressed in most business curriculums, this consonance is the fundamental condition necessary for entrepreneurs to succeed. Without this, dissonance lead to mental health issues. Diapason is the tool you need to reach harmony.

Great Power
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Technology for humans

Diapason pledged to develop technology that empowers humans users. Diagnostic technology, wearables and tracking apps for instance must allow patients to learn more about themselves, and empower them to make the right decisions when it comes to their health. Devices intended for professionals must empower them to serve the best interests of their patients and preserve their own health. This may sound simplistic and self-evident ; sadly their are countless examples of technological deployments that enslave more than empower their users. When working on risk management, this is something we can help mitigate.

Transparency & Health Equity

We believe in transparency as a core value that our institutions must embrace better for a peaceful, democratic, enlightened civilization to thrive. We believe in the power of technological development to reduce inequities in access to healthcare, at the geographical, political and economical levels. We support charitable and volunteer initiatives that use these principles. We are involved in particular with the work of the Avocates for Transparency in Health Technology