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Entrepreneurs, it is never too early to integrate good design and development practices, quality management and ethics&regulatory considerations in your global strategy. It does not mean you need a certified QMS this week and a TGA registration tomorrow. You may not even need them at all if your product is not regulated. But now is the right time to understand whether you are regulated, and if so, what is the scope of these regulations. It is also the right time to design the next steps of your development and growth in a way that give investors confidence that you are on top of your strategy. Plan and manage not only the technical steps of your value proposition development - but also plan for your commercial, clinical and regulatory pathways


Whether you are working on a new product submission, need a solid independent review of your processes or a formal internal audit, some help on a risk management committee, or are considering a significant transformation/growth project, we can help. Give us a call and we can discuss how I can either help you directly, or else introduce you to other experts in my extensive network


Medtech, digital health, wellness & wearables, mental health apps… These applicaitons are fast growing multi-billion dollars market, driven by mind-blowing innovations and the promises of a better health and wellbeing for billions of users and patients. Behind these innovations are talented entrepreneurs who repeatedly invent, build and test new solutions. What lies ahead of these entrepreneurs is complex. A good growth strategy needs to be evidence-driven, but evidence is expensive, more particularly in the regulated clinical world. Diapason can help investors in their risk assessment - pre- or post- investment - with a review of the founder’s plans and their early positions in terms of regulatory strategy, quality&compliance culture, evidence&documentation or process management excellence. Call us to discuss how we could participate in your due diligence exercises.

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Creative AI Symposium

on June 6, 2022

Sydney Creative AI Symposium. At Diapason we are really excited to be part of the organising committee for the upcoming Sydney Creative AI Symposium. This will happen in August 18th-20th at UNSW School of Art & Design, Paddington Campus, on Gadigal Land. This event will bring together technologists, artists, arts organisations and researchers based in and around Sydney to showcase work, to take stock of what impact AI and generative technologies are having, now and in the future, to solve technological problems and to design the best world we can for arts communities.

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Diapason Offsite

on May 30, 2022

Melbourne festival off. Great day today in a cold and wet Melbourne. Very excited to meet up the next two days with the many participants, speakers and panelists of the Digital Health festival 2022. For the occasion, I got inspired by the European/French “festival off” tradition and decided to organise a couple of get-togethers, after hours and in parallel with the official festival program. For starters, I will welcome all early founders, including founders so early that they haven’t flicked the switch yet, to a cozy “blues counseling” session.

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Regulations never sleep

on May 26, 2022

Regs never sleep. And they can wake you up early. Early in the day and early in the startups life-cycle. When pitching for an early round, it’s tempting to think “Investors at this stage just need 1 slide or 2 to present our classification and a vague regulatory plan. In any case, they can always ask later, during the due diligence”. Experience proves that investors have done their homework:

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Tiro Cruzado

on May 18, 2022

Groove of the day - Tiro Cruzado - Cross Fire A groovy bassline is the best possible start for a Wednesday. I discovered the track on Remi’s Delirium, an Orbital Radio show, also available here. Released by Sergio Mendes on Brazil 1988. This infectious bassline is from Nathan Watts, who has played on many of Stevie Wonder’s hits and tours. I experienced for the first time with this track the fact that music.

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