Diapason Consulting

Creative Industry

I believe in great technology, for what it is, a tool. A tool to allow us to practice our arts at best. The arts can also contribute to technology. Technological innovation is the outcome of a design process - of which most of the input is creative by nature.

We’re living an age where Music, when empowered by the right technology, can deliver clinical evidence at the level of - or better than - pharmaceutical treatments.

Modern digital technology has made musical creation, from composition to commercial release and distribution, affordable to indepedent creators for a few hundred dollars of investment. Peer-to-peer, downloads and now streaming have given access, to anyone with a cell phone or a connected computer, to a catalogue of music that the biggest brick and mortar music stores from the previous era could not even dream of. The democratisation of making music came with a commodification of muscial works. And now artifical intelligence is threatening to drown all that in soullessly and unconsciously created bits and beats.

I engage with artists and creators, and the entrepreneurs who want to empower them in creating and delivering high quality art.

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