Diapason Consulting



Pierre Lonchampt is the founder and principal consultant at Diapason. Educated in engineering in France (MEng material physics, MSc mechanical engineering, PhD Industrial Engineering - collaborative product development process), Pierre has worked for more than 15 years in Medtech startups, in NZ, Australia and the USA, in leadership roles covering R&D, product development, manufacturing, regulatory affairs and quality management. He is also engaged with a several non-profit initiatives.

Pierre created Diapason Consulting initially to share the experience gathered during this journey with early stage entrepreneurs. Not so much the success stories, but rather the hard learned, expensive and challenging ‘misadventures’ lessons. He does not believe in the “go fast and break things” motto but believe nonetheless in the value of “breaking things” - within reasonable measure, and only with method and discipline to guarantee a successful learning experience.



Ronen Eyal is a medical devices and regulatory affairs specialist with more than 20 years international industry experience, covering quality management, product development and manufacturing, for many device types. Trained as a mechanical engineer, Ronen’s natural curiosity and intellectual rigor allow him to thoroughly assess any challenge related to medical technology, regardless of the technical or clinical disciplines involved. Fun fact: Ronen is one of the more prolific and respected contributors, and a moderator, in the iconic QA/RA/manufacturing community Elsmar Cove.