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2050 Crossroads

2050 Crossroads A book by Hicham Naim I believe anticipation is a fundamental part of innovation. There are plenty of futurist magazine articles that promise us a life of luxury, comfort and performance thanks to all sorts of new technology developments based on bench prototypes and university lab press releases. This is very common with generalist ’tech’ press, that will cover vehicles and transportation, space travel, housing, leisure etc. Healthtech and medtech are no stranger to this trend (I plead guilty LOL.

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Selftech Pioneers

Selftech Pioneers https://events.humanitix.com/diy-loopers-pioneers-of-self-tech Jasmine Schipp will introduce us to the communities of DIY Loopers and share with us her research on their reasons to choose to use DIY systems, how they navigate the challenges, and the future of this movement. After Jasmine’s presentation, Jon Schull, Anthony DiFranco, Renza Scibilia and I will discuss further the place and scope of this movement within the entire diabete-care ecosystem, and its relationships with other communities of DYI makers, open-source advocates and healthtech enthusiasts.

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